Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cipher Contest Update!!!

With just over a week to go, and after having a few request sent in, I'm adding another category to the contest!!!!  See the updates below.  Remember submissions are DUE March 15th 2012 at 11:59 PST (since the midnight hour becomes the 16th) :D

So for those of you with a few models lying about YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!!! Get them painted and submitted!


The details:

The who:

Anyone who wants to participate...except employees of Cipher Studios and the guy typing this blog.

The when:
Contest ends March 15th 2012 (it's a Thursday)

The what:
Category 1
A LEGAL Anima Tactics 300 lvl FORCE or Hell Dorado 200 AP FORCE.

Category 1.5
A LEGAL PARTIAL force from either Anima Tactics or Hell Dorado, such as a starter box or similar.


Category 1
1st place - a 300 point Anima Tactics force OR a 200 AP Hell Dorado force of your choice
2nd place - Anima Tactics or Hell Dorado starter box of your choice
3rd place - single Anima Tactics or Hell Dorado figure of your choice

Category 1.5
1st place - $20 Cipher Store Credit
2nd place - $15 Cipher Store Credit
3rd place - $10 Cipher Store Credit

Please email pictures of your entries to throneofangels AT gmail.com - you can submit as many pictures as you like, but I cannot promise if you submit 226 pictures that they will all make it to the contest gallery. :D Entries will be judged by myself and the wonderful guys at Cipher (I reserve the right to bring in a guest judge if they agree...and will make it known once I have an answer).

You can submit entries for both Anima Tactics and Hell Dorado, but cannot win more than one prize.


  1. Just got word of this contest. Great timing considering me and a friend will have a day dedicated to painting our Helldorado stuff this weekend. Let's see if we can get some submissions in before Thursday :)

    We haven't actually played the game yet though so it's very possible the lists we build might be off in some way. Would the following be considered legal for 200 AP:

    Bran Carnoth
    Jaws of the Deep