Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DreamForge-Games: Eisenkern Trooper Kickstarter Project and actual prototypes!

Well I've talked about the work of DreamForge before...and I just can't help but do it again.  So Mark Mondragon is looking for OUR help, and well dangit, one way or another, I'm going to give him some!  He's working on getting his next project rolling and he's got a fantastic set of mini's in the works.  Here's the details on what he's working on...

Well folks, I need your help. If you enjoy my models and would like to see this product line launch, please head on over to Kickstarter and add your support to the project. 
If you're not familiar with the Kickstarter model, the way it works is you receive a reward for an accompanying pledge in support of my project. The more you pledge the better the rewards and the greater contribution you will make to this and future projects. Your positive participation will help a small independent company to grow and thrive and you gain the satisfaction of knowing you made this happen.

And what you have been waiting for....Here are a few shots of the actual prototypes for the Kriegsmarine and Sturmtruppen soldiers.

Now as you can see he's got some sweet prototypes ready to go...so what can YOU do to help out?  Well you can jump over here to his KICKSTARTER page and get to pledging!  There's a couple of phenomenal deals on that page, including a 2 Leviathan set with like a GAZILLION troops!!!!  (it's actually a pair of platoons which is a sick deal)! 

I'm excited to see the next faction he puts up and starts rolling on!  GO MARK GO!!!!

To see more details check out the link above for the KICKSTARTER deals as well as the DreamForge page, and for more on all of Marks doings, hit the DreamForge home page as well!!!

Help support small business and score some sweet figs in the process!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Look for a couple of updates this weekend with some early WIP of my Skorne paint scheme and a review or two of some Dark Age starter sets!!!  Oh and I might unbox a Legacy Mini's figure if time allows!

Til then, keep your paints thinned and your brushes clean!!!