Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Burn In Designs: New Products - Metaverse Towers Round 1

Looks like Burn In Designs is up to something.  Something big it would seem, and by big I mean tall...like 3 or 4 stories tall...or taller?  With how this kit looks I think you could stack these things until you run out of room.

Obviously we have to start with a lower level:

But add a few more:

For more info and a full rundown of the the set check the link below!

So this is the big city. Sky Scrapers and everything.

On most gaming tables the only tall items are the models and the 2 story ruin that is setting on top of a hill. Seldom do you see in-tact buildings over 3 stories tall. Usually these are left to ruins and there only a space that fits 2 or 3 models. The goal of this set was to change that. Now you can easily build unique buildings as tall as you can stack them.

The buildings fall in to categories, lower floors and upper floors. Lower floor buildings are designed with doors while the upper are designed with only windows. The titles are just for sorting purposes. There will be options later to allow lower floors to be used as uppers with balconies so the buildings will better represent the average city. Each kit will include 2 short "end walls", 2 floor/roof pieces, 3 long "face walls" , 1 connector rings and a collection of accessories based on the type of level selected.

Burn In Designs: New Products - Metaverse Towers Round 1: