Wednesday, August 3, 2011

HORDES!!! oh and an update.

Well now, it's been some time since I've had an update on here, but I do have a decent reason me thinks.  I got a job.  Out of town.  Pretty dang far out of town.  Like 124 miles out of town.  As in it takes almost 2 hours to get to my office out of town. So I drive out of town on Monday and drive back to town on Friday.  It's rough.

Well gee Oz, you can login and blog anywhere duud!  Yup, sure can, but being home only two days out of the week, that leaves very little in the way of 'hobby time' when I've got the honey do list and the kids got stuff to do list and the other stuff I have to do I can blog, but I really don't have much to say all that often.  :P

So I'm thinking I will most likely start doing a bit more 'newsy' type posts when I can, and interject the 'hobby and review' stuff whenever I can put some time in at the painting desk...which leads me to the current project.

Now like most 'gamers' or 'hobbyists' I have a serious case of gamer AD/D, or need to bounce from army to army to army...sometimes game to game too.  I like to think of it as the whole 'variety is the spice of life' concept, but it could be that I get bored with the same thing, but seeing as how I have been with my wife for 18 years, I can most definitely say that I DO NOT have a fear of commitment.  :D

When I first started this little blog I was all gung ho on a fantastic little project for a Drune Rag Na Rok force...well I'm STILL waiting for half the models to show up, so I've kinda shied away from that project for now, plus the fact that I cannot for the life of me find anyone to play Confrontation let alone Rag Nar Rok has also added to that project getting back-burnered.

Soooo having spent the last few months searching and reading and reviewing and talking to multiple gazillions of gamer duuds looking for a great tactical fantasy game to play I have found that no such thing I have succumbed to the rolling pebble that is HordesMachine once again.  The two local areas I'm in have a decent community built up and I can just kinda plug-in wherever, plus my buddy Erik is all fired up to start a new force after we took like the last year off.

After pouring through half dozen army books I was figuring I'd have to wait until I got my hands on the new Hordes book to make a decision on what I was going to build up...I knew I was going Hordes as Erik is rolling up le Cygnar and the powder blue I just like the feral-ness of it better.  So it became a toss up...back to Circle my oldest love in the Hordesverse or continue on with the Legion force I had started a year ago?  Hmmm...decisions decisions.  Well I decided to go with NEITHER!!!

I ended up having a conversation with my buddy Casey who was asking me a bout an eMak Tier list he was thinking of picking up and right then I was like...HELL THAT'S IT!!! Yup that's right, back to my old love/hate relationship with Skorne.

So I jumped in and started collecting a a matter of days this is what I threw together:


2 x Savage
2 x Brute
Molik Karn
2 x Razor Worm

3 x min Pret Swordsman
2 x Swordsman UA
Nihilators - max
Venators - max
Karax - max
Beast Handlers - max
Ferox - max
Tyrant Commander/Standard

3 x Ancestral Guardian
2 x Extoller
Aptimus Marketh
Tyrant Rhadeim
Void Spirit

Quick pic of the mess:

Sexy huh?

I'm going for the heavy infantry strike big or lose big type of army. I'll be rolling eMak as the main and picking up a few more models to run Mordikaar as the back-up.

My goal is to get this assembled and painted pronto - so I'll be rodeo rocking the paintbrushes like a mad cattle rustler at an all day moo cow stampede! As for a color scheme though...I'm leaning towards a deep blue, but do not have a colormatic color concept all squared up yet...feel free to chime in if you like!

Well it's late and that's all I got for now!

Til next time keep your paints thinned and your brushes clean!