Monday, April 30, 2012

Dark Age - Saint Mary

One of the Saints of the Forsaken, the ever-stylish Mr. Black tells us a little bit about what makes her tick and goes over her ability to lead, inspire and dominate on the battlefield.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Secret Weapon previews May releases

The machines over at Secret Weapon are dropping like a bazillion new product in May including the new bad azz Corpse Field line of bases!

I'd suggest watching the video and then dropping over and picking some of these things up next month!

I'm excited to get my hands on some of these!  Keep watch on the ToA Video Blog for upcoming reviews!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Episode 9

Last of the single digit Episodes is now up for your viewing pleasure 

This time we take a look at some more Dark Age models, specifically the Numbskull, talk about an enormous model! We also take a look at the last of the new starter boxes, the Brood. We continue with the Black Sun Coverage from Anima Tactics with the Type-012: Hunter. We also start in on a new focus with battlefield accessories in some 40mm objective markers from Forgecraft Games - - as well as the damaged jersey barriers from Secret Weapon -

Be sure to subscribe before Episode 10 as I'll be giving a away a number of Wrath of Kings pre-release models! If you don't have a youtube account or don't want one you can also subscribe to the blog,  if you don’t subscribe you can’t win.

As always, comments, requests, suggestions are appreciated!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Wrath of Kings - New figs and Concept Art!

WOOOOO!!!  Adepticon bring more Wrath of Kings!!!  We've got some shots of the figs that were debuted at GAMA as well as some new shots.

I've got the go ahead to throw up concept art for these figs, so I'll just get to it!!!  (I'm not putting it all up, that just wouldn't be fun)!

So in this shot we've got models from three factions from left to right, a Goritsi, a Hadross and the rest are from Nasir.  

This is a Pelegarth Bloodmask.

This is Rathor, one of my personal favorites!!!

This is an Ashmen Swordsman...can you say AWESOME BASE TROOP!!!???

This pic is full of House Teknes.

This is Valkrav Galvanic Defender.

This is Zaalak - she's AWESOME - another one of my fav's.

Here's another shot of her a bit closer.

These guys are Union Workers, I've seen lots of awesome feedback for these duuds!!! That makes me happy!

Here we have some shots of some new models, from left to right, a pair of Goritsi and a pair of Nasir.

This is a Skorza Alpha

This is Ucuzo!

This is The Bloodchild - he's a bad azz!

And another one of my favorites - The Longhorn!!!

And finally a pair of Shael Han!

This is Maki!

Alrighty people one thing I want to make clear - the names may change as the game is still in development and nothing is final yet.  I hope you guys are excited to get your hands on this stuff as I am to get them there!!!

Stay tuned to the Throne of Angels Video Blog as I'll be giving some models out soon!!!

Enjoy and til next time,

Keep your paints thinned and your brushes clean!


New from Zenit Miniatures

Some more sweet released from Zenit Mini's for the game Nemesis.

This month we see reinforcements for Rocavivas and a sweet model for Kingdom players.

Aroumi looks all business to me...poleaxe with a gigantic blade and a kittay kittay on her shoulder, she might just be the cats meow.

Aie-Mekkela looks to be packing a mace, and I'm really curious as to whether or not she comes with that sick base, we'll have to see.  I'm not terribly sure I like her face, but until I get one in hand for closer inspection, I'll blame it on bad camera angles.

And rounding out the Rocavivas this month are the Silimanitas or Silimanites, these chix have bigger arms than I do...and that's sayin something, but when you're packing a blade that big, I think it's a bit on the necessary side.

And for the Kingdome of God players we see the Lider Guardia Real or the Royal Guard Leader - this duud is one badazz mofo and has a double bladed cut your face of stick to prove it.

Overall I totally dig this months releases, man I gotta find someone around here to play this game with.  :D

They've also updated their webstore, check it HERE  I had to re-register as it looks like they went with a completely new set up.  I like the new layout and it's much easier to navigate.  GO BUY SOME KILLA STUFFS and then tell me about it!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New kits from Scibor Miniatures

By now I'd expect that most gamers know about this little gem of a sculpting studio, so I won't get into details on who they are and what they do, but if you don't know them you can check the website out at

Over the last couple of months, they have delivered quite a few new items, including a new basing kit and some terrain pieces.  I plan on picking some of these up and giving a full review on the video blog, but lets look at some pictures for now.

Up first we'll take a look at the newly announced Wolf Basing Kit:

These are obviously geared towards Celtic or barbarian style armies with a wolf motif...for some reason power armored monstrosities come to mind, but I could even see a number of these being tied into the Wolfen of Yilla or the Devourers from the Confrontation line, and those of you who are as eager for the return of Confrontation with the new announced Phoenix Edition as I am, well, here's a great option for you to give your basing some added flavor!  They also tie in with the pair of existing kits they have available, the Lion:

and the dwarf:

Now a few of these may not be appropriate for games with a True Line of Sight rule as they will elevate your models off of the standard base height of 3-4mm considerably, so you may just use them for some awesome display style bases or heck I may even put them on some 60 or 100mm flat bases and use them for terrain features!  

You can find these kits in the Conversion Parts section of the Scibor site HERE

Now something else they have just posted up I am really excited to get my hands on!!!

They've got a new line of Battlefield Terrain and have started with these three fantastic looking pieces:

The Angels Temple Ruins 2

The Angels Temple Ruins 3

The Egyptian Ruins

You can find more angles and other shots of these terrain pieces HERE

I will be featuring all of these great looking pieces in an upcoming episode of the Throne of Angels video blog, so keep an  eye out for an up close and person look!!!  I'm excited to get my hands on these things!

Til next time, keep your paints thinned and your brushes clean!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bushido Painting Contest Finalists

GCT is finishing up their painting contest and have posted a sweet little video featuring the finalists work.  Take a look!

Some stellar entries here!

Spend some time looking over these finalists in the gallery, there's some terrific work and lots of great details!

Now head over to the page and VOTE!!!