Monday, July 2, 2012

Heavy Gear Blitz!!!

News for the month!  Direct from DP9, there are a lot of exciting things going on for July, check out the details!!!

Heavy Gear Summer Blitz Event
We have teamed with Drive Tru RPG to distribute Heavy Gear Blitz Locked and Loaded (includes the Field Manual) and the Field Manual ebooks for free.  This is available now.
You can find the Locked and Loaded and Field Manual combo HERE

You can find the Field Manual alone HERE

Other deals are:
Heavy Gear ebook bundle:  Includes Loacked and Loaded, the Field Manual, Black Talon: Return to Cat's Eye, Shattered Peace, Terra Nova Gambit, Operation: Drop Bears Dive! and Perfect Storm: The NuCoal Field Guide for only $72.00, a saving of 10%.
Get that deal HERE
If art is more your style, then we have just the thing for you. The Heavy Gear Art Bundle includes the 3 volumes of the Art of Heavy Gear full-color eBook format containing over 1450 pieces of artwork at the incredible price of $40.
1450 pieces of Heavy Metal ass kicking can be found HERE
Please finish off by mentionning that they can also get Gear Up for free while on Drive Thru RPG.
Release Schedule for new Products, Task Force Deals and Armor Deals.
Thursday 28 June 2012: Northern Task Force deal
Friday 29 June 2012: Southern Task Force deal
Monday 2 July 2012: Peace River Task Force deal
Tuesday 3 July 2012: NuCoal Task Force Deal
Wednesday 4 July 2012: Fire and Smoke Counters, Sold in 2 packs.  Very appropos on this day, I know....
Thursday 5 July 2012: Northern Armor deal
Friday 6 July 2012: Southern Armor deal
Monday 9 July 2012: Peace River Armor deal
Tuesday 10 July 2012: NuCoal Armor deal
Also of note, the Badlands Terrain box set will be coming out soon.  This will retail for $99.95 and will be available to all retailers as well.  More details to come.

So jump in and get rolling with these fantastic opportunities!!!