Monday, March 26, 2012

Cipher Studios Force Painting Competition!


So for my first ever sponsored painting competition, Cipher Studios stepped up and offered some awesome prizes!!!  You can find full details HERE but this is what was up for grabs!

1st place - a 300 point Anima Tactics force OR a 200 AP Hell Dorado force of your choice
2nd place - Anima Tactics or Hell Dorado starter box of your choice
3rd place - single Anima Tactics or Hell Dorado figure of your choice

So this was no ordinary painting competition, it wasn't a single model get your paint on and throw down some seriously sick model on a super scenic base...nope!  This was a Force based competition in which you need to have a legally fieldable force for either Anima Tactics OR Hell Dorado - no simple feat in my opinion as the time frame was fairly narrow!  In all five entries were received (one of which didn't quite make the deadline). In order from first to fifth place I give you the entrants for the FIRST Throne of Angels painting competition!!!

1st Place - Piotr Grzybowski - Saracens - Hell Dorado

2nd Place - Matias Frosterus - Demons - Hell Dorado

3rd Place - Eric Harlaux - Empire - Anima Tactics

4th Place - Aaron Skrivanek - Azure - Anima Tactics

5th Place - Trevor Swallow - Lost - Hell Dorado

Congrats to the winners!!!  I will be in touch shortly on how to select and have your prizes delivered!  

I want to extent an extra special THANK YOU to Kai and David and all of Cipher Studios for not only sponsoring my first painting contest but ALSO supporting the gaming community and their fan base, but by also helping me grow the ToA community as well!!!  You guys are loved and appreciated!

Remember you can watch a great little interview with Dave Freeman of Cipher Studios as well as a great quick Anima Tactics demo over on the Throne of Angel Video Blog!

What's up next????  Tune in and find out!

Til next time keep your paints thinned and your brushes clean!!!

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