Friday, April 20, 2012

Wrath of Kings - New figs and Concept Art!

WOOOOO!!!  Adepticon bring more Wrath of Kings!!!  We've got some shots of the figs that were debuted at GAMA as well as some new shots.

I've got the go ahead to throw up concept art for these figs, so I'll just get to it!!!  (I'm not putting it all up, that just wouldn't be fun)!

So in this shot we've got models from three factions from left to right, a Goritsi, a Hadross and the rest are from Nasir.  

This is a Pelegarth Bloodmask.

This is Rathor, one of my personal favorites!!!

This is an Ashmen Swordsman...can you say AWESOME BASE TROOP!!!???

This pic is full of House Teknes.

This is Valkrav Galvanic Defender.

This is Zaalak - she's AWESOME - another one of my fav's.

Here's another shot of her a bit closer.

These guys are Union Workers, I've seen lots of awesome feedback for these duuds!!! That makes me happy!

Here we have some shots of some new models, from left to right, a pair of Goritsi and a pair of Nasir.

This is a Skorza Alpha

This is Ucuzo!

This is The Bloodchild - he's a bad azz!

And another one of my favorites - The Longhorn!!!

And finally a pair of Shael Han!

This is Maki!

Alrighty people one thing I want to make clear - the names may change as the game is still in development and nothing is final yet.  I hope you guys are excited to get your hands on this stuff as I am to get them there!!!

Stay tuned to the Throne of Angels Video Blog as I'll be giving some models out soon!!!

Enjoy and til next time,

Keep your paints thinned and your brushes clean!



  1. Teknes FT(Meffin')W!

    Love the octo girl and the piggies

  2. Fantastic coverage of Wrath. Great Job!

    I was wondering if you would be interested in checking out my Wrath video