Friday, April 20, 2012

New from Zenit Miniatures

Some more sweet released from Zenit Mini's for the game Nemesis.

This month we see reinforcements for Rocavivas and a sweet model for Kingdom players.

Aroumi looks all business to me...poleaxe with a gigantic blade and a kittay kittay on her shoulder, she might just be the cats meow.

Aie-Mekkela looks to be packing a mace, and I'm really curious as to whether or not she comes with that sick base, we'll have to see.  I'm not terribly sure I like her face, but until I get one in hand for closer inspection, I'll blame it on bad camera angles.

And rounding out the Rocavivas this month are the Silimanitas or Silimanites, these chix have bigger arms than I do...and that's sayin something, but when you're packing a blade that big, I think it's a bit on the necessary side.

And for the Kingdome of God players we see the Lider Guardia Real or the Royal Guard Leader - this duud is one badazz mofo and has a double bladed cut your face of stick to prove it.

Overall I totally dig this months releases, man I gotta find someone around here to play this game with.  :D

They've also updated their webstore, check it HERE  I had to re-register as it looks like they went with a completely new set up.  I like the new layout and it's much easier to navigate.  GO BUY SOME KILLA STUFFS and then tell me about it!!!

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