Thursday, April 19, 2012

New kits from Scibor Miniatures

By now I'd expect that most gamers know about this little gem of a sculpting studio, so I won't get into details on who they are and what they do, but if you don't know them you can check the website out at

Over the last couple of months, they have delivered quite a few new items, including a new basing kit and some terrain pieces.  I plan on picking some of these up and giving a full review on the video blog, but lets look at some pictures for now.

Up first we'll take a look at the newly announced Wolf Basing Kit:

These are obviously geared towards Celtic or barbarian style armies with a wolf motif...for some reason power armored monstrosities come to mind, but I could even see a number of these being tied into the Wolfen of Yilla or the Devourers from the Confrontation line, and those of you who are as eager for the return of Confrontation with the new announced Phoenix Edition as I am, well, here's a great option for you to give your basing some added flavor!  They also tie in with the pair of existing kits they have available, the Lion:

and the dwarf:

Now a few of these may not be appropriate for games with a True Line of Sight rule as they will elevate your models off of the standard base height of 3-4mm considerably, so you may just use them for some awesome display style bases or heck I may even put them on some 60 or 100mm flat bases and use them for terrain features!  

You can find these kits in the Conversion Parts section of the Scibor site HERE

Now something else they have just posted up I am really excited to get my hands on!!!

They've got a new line of Battlefield Terrain and have started with these three fantastic looking pieces:

The Angels Temple Ruins 2

The Angels Temple Ruins 3

The Egyptian Ruins

You can find more angles and other shots of these terrain pieces HERE

I will be featuring all of these great looking pieces in an upcoming episode of the Throne of Angels video blog, so keep an  eye out for an up close and person look!!!  I'm excited to get my hands on these things!

Til next time, keep your paints thinned and your brushes clean!


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