Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Episode 9

Last of the single digit Episodes is now up for your viewing pleasure 

This time we take a look at some more Dark Age models, specifically the Numbskull, talk about an enormous model! We also take a look at the last of the new starter boxes, the Brood. We continue with the Black Sun Coverage from Anima Tactics with the Type-012: Hunter. We also start in on a new focus with battlefield accessories in some 40mm objective markers from Forgecraft Games -http://www.forgecraftgames.com - as well as the damaged jersey barriers from Secret Weapon -http://www.secretweaponminiatures.com/

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  1. When will you finally get that Berserker painted?

  2. It is painted. :D It's part of my Whispers and Howls monochrome force...it does however still need a bit of shading, but I don't play WM any longer - so it's a paperweight.