Sunday, February 10, 2013

Throne of Angels Episode 23

Episode  23 of the ToA video blog went live about a week ago to get the year started!!!  I'll just copy the descriptor text here instead of retyping something.

This episode we start out a few announcements and a bit of news of course!

Episode 23 starts out with a revisit to an old friend, we've got Cang the Implacable in the house boys and girls!!!  Give it up for him!!!   WOOOO -- you can get this bad boy here:

Up next I peel open Sedition Wars and do a side by side of the plastics that come with the game and the metal models that have been available for purchase.  In this two-parter I open up with a number of the Strain models and will finish up with the Vanguard in Episode 24, so check back!!!
You can get more details on Sedition Wars here:

We conclude Episode 23 with a sneak peak at some pre-production resins from Rivet Wars.  This fantastic little project is in the final days of its Kickstarter so take a look here and support it if you like what you see!

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