Sunday, February 10, 2013

Throne of Angels Episode 24

Hot on the trail of Episode 23, Episode 24 launches one day later!!!  Again just a copy/paste of the descriptor here.

Episode 24 launches with an update on Project Father Johann, my monstrous Dark Age Cult of Metamorphosis undertaking!  You can find details for Dark Age and the Cult of Metamorphosis here:
Followed by a look at the newest force for Dark Age, the space faring warrior race, the Kukulkani -- these guys are mean, they're angry and they are AWESOME!!!

To close out Episode 24 I finish the Sedition Wars side by side of the plastics that come with the game and the metal models that have been available for purchase.  This time we look over the Vanguard and even take a look at the Resin versions as well.
You can get more details on Sedition Wars here:

Don't forget to check the final days of the Rivet Wars Kickstarter which can be found here:

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