Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Project St. Luke - A Dark Age painting project

So as a wrap up of my Project St. Luke, I figured I'd actually sit down and write a blog post.  This project was thrust upon me by my good friend Kevin Clark who requested...NAY DEMANDED!!! that I assemble and paint his St. Luke army for Dark Age.

Now for those of you not familiar with Dark Age, it's a skirmish sized miniature game by Dark Age Games that has been around for a little over 10 years.  The game was created based off of artwork by Gerald Brom or just Brom as he's known in the artworld.  It's dark, gritty and brutal.  The games tagline is 'Everything Dies' - which is an indication of gameplay itself.  This however is not a post about the game, how it plays or how awesome the background and story line is, it's about a force that I painted up for my buddy Kevin.

So lets start with the centerpiece of the force, the projects namesake - St. Luke.

St. Luke can be armed in two different ways and actually has two different profiles based off of what weapon he's using.  Kevin opted for his combat shotgun/grenade launcher which is what you see here.  His other option is a Breaching Spear.  St. Luke is an extremely large and well sculpted model residing on a 40mm base he towers over his subordinates.

Now each Saint in the Forsaken army of Dark Age has a few 'elite units' that only they can take.  For St. Luke it's the Arsenals, the Stingers and the Sisters of Wrath/Marionette.  We'll start with Marionette.

She's the character version of a Sister of Wrath.  She's armed with a stun baton and is the Matriarch of the Sisters of Wrath.

Since we've got St. Luke with the combat shotgun we have a unit of Arsenals to join him.  The Arsenals and the Stingers match his look at his weapon load out, Arsenals have the combat shotgun where Stingers have the breaching spear.

So dropping into the generic Forsaken available to any Saint or base list, we'll start with the Mechanic.

As his title implies, he tends to fix things, or at least he does his best to keep thing from 'splodin. Plus he packs around one helluva gun.

Now it can be said, when one goes into battle one is going to get banged up a little, so in just such a case we can't leave without our Medic.

Another gal encased in a leather suit, she does her best to keep the troops from the cold icy grip of death.

Now Kevin decided to build heavy on the ranged aspect of the Forsaken, but he did include one of my favorite units, the Strikes.

These frontline badasses carry long sharp sticks also know as swords and spiked gauntlets for punching holes in things...like their opponents.

Kevin also likes to set things on fire...he's got a 'burning passion' or something...I don't know, but because of that, he's got a nice large group of Firestorms to field now also.

And to finish off this motley crew of ass whopping, we've got your favorite bounty hunter and mine...LUCKY!!!  

She was fun to paint, I even dropped some extra work on her nylons.  :D

Some group shots to finish this post up.

Now...time to get to work on Project St. Johann!!!