Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sedition Wars Kickstarter!!!!

Studio McVey drops into the Kickstarter realm with a BANG!!!!  5 days in and they're just under 100k - what an awesome start!!!

Here's the info vid to check out:

I love Mike and have been lucky enough to get to spend time with him on a number of different occasions.  I've even had the pleasure and challenge of co-painting a miniature with him once upon a time and can say without a doubt that he is one amazing person and pours his love into his work.

I'd talk about the game but you can get an in-depth idea of what it is and what's coming by watching the video above and checking out the link to the Kickstarter NOW!!!

I'll be jumping into a Biohazard myself...what about you???


  1. Pretty sure I'll be getting me a Biohazard as well.

    1. Had my hands on some of the models yesterday, the ARE OZSOME...EXCITED!!!