Monday, May 7, 2012

A new look! and HOLY ZOMBICIDES!

Well as Episode 10 is looming (it might be a day or so late as I'm anxiously awaiting my final package)! I thought now is a good time to update the look of the ole blog.  With the new Dynamic blogger templates, I really like the look of the magazine template so have converted things over to it.  Also my old background image was not my work and I did not know the artist, so as my view/readership grows, I think it's best to avoid any possible copyright infringement since I cannot give said artist proper credit as I do not know who the artist of the great piece is.  As always I love feedback on what you all think about...well everything, as it only gets better with suggestions and comments, but more specifically on the new layout this time.

For those of you who have been following the Zombicide Kickstarter, you will already know that it funded at 3800%!!!! HOLY COW!!! I'm going to recap the Abomination pledge for you all who did not follow or pledge on the Kickstarter as I think this is REDICULOUS!!!

Update: This is what you get at an Abomination ($100) level pledge!
  • Base game - 71 miniatures etc
  • 3 Promo Survivors and their Zombie counterparts: 6 miniatures
  • 4 additional Fatties - 4 miniatures
  • 6 additional Runners - 6 miniatures
  • 20 additional Walkers - 20 miniatures
  • 1 additional Abomination - 1 miniature
  • 1 Eagle / Zombie Eagle - 2 miniatures
  • 1 Cardboard Tube Samurai / Zombie CTS - 2 miniatures
  • 1 Troy / Zombie Troy - 2 miniatures
  • 6 custom black dice
  • 6 glow in the dark dice
  • 1 T-shirt
  • 1 signed lithograph
Total 114 miniatures!  Scroll down for details! (note different shipping times for parts of this pledge).
Now if you just look at an estimated retail value of this thing would be I'm totally floored here.  The base game which comes with 71 figs - if you look at similar sets, like Decent, Talisman or Tannhauser, you get similar options, more figs than the later two by a lot, but less than Decent, but with roughly the same count/style of board and tile sections and accessories.  So anywhere from $60-$100, but I believe the retail on the game when it hits shelves is going to be in the $90-$100 range, so just to be safe, lets go with $100 (makes the math easy too).  You also get 43 additional figs - well even at $1 a fig, that's $43 bux, but where you going to get 43 figs for $43 bux? (I won't even get into the fact that to get the Cardboard Tube Samurai you have to go to PAX, not to mention that Eagle is CHUCKFREEKINGNORRIS!!!)  Maybe Mantic Games...but other than that, nowhere that I know let's round to $50. Now if you've ever had a dice set made say from Chessex then you know the dice sets are $12-$15 a piece...again for simple math we'll go $15ea to make it $30.  A t-shirt is $20, and a signed litho - well depends on the artist, but at cons I'd say roughly $50.  Now I'm trying to be conservative here so I'm sure we could bump some of these numbers up and still be ok. To recap:
Game - $100
Extra figs - $50
Custom Dice - $30
T-shirt - $20
Litho - $50

That's a whoppin $250 on the conservative side...daaaaang!!!
For those of you that missed it, I'm sure there'll be another type of pre-order promo, I seriously doubt one that's insane like this one, but one none the less.  Also...keep your eyes peeled for 
....coming soon!

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  1. Like the new look of the site. Now all it needs is some painted mini photos ;)
    Cant wait to see the details on this next contest.