Sunday, November 7, 2010

Whispers and Howls part 2

Alrighty, last time I left off with just the tower and the pillars for the stairwell carved.

This last week I cut the entry stairs in, and built the archway in the lower right corner, I also changed gears a bit and instead of building a cairn with a rock type Celtic feel to it, I went all out and built a friggin mausoleum.  Yup that's right I built a family style tomb for some dead Orgoth Chieftain with a serious attitude problem.  No I'm sure it's nothing super grand and fabulous and it's no where near as dilapidated as the tower, but it's a little weathered and once I get done gluing it together, I'll work on weathering it some more and breaking it up a bit.

Now the stairs will be cut a bit more and when I drop all the rubble and sand, they will be painted and finished to look like they have been cut right from the stone of the ground.  Now the archway, although carved is not complete yet.  It's obviously two pieces but the pillar arch on the left will be cut where the dark line is and the top piece will be laid beside or behind it.

Here's a closer shot of the detail carving work in the archway.

As you can see the archway has a diamond shape cut into the top of the arch, I think I may paint an eye here as it's what I sketched in there, but I'm not sure yet...still up in the air, but it is recessed about 1/4 of an inch or so into the foam.

So once again I did a ton of research into cairns and really did not come up with anything that I really 'felt' so I started looking into other options and the thought of a mausoleum really started to sound right up the alley so to speak.  Here's a couple of shots that I found that I liked and kind of went with a hybrid design on my own combining a few things I liked from a few of them.

The mausoleum is a bit larger than what I was planning, but overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  Initially I was planning a foot print of 4x6 and it's 5x7ish - I've got it all textured and will do some ornamentation on the top gables and roofing areas and the front right pillar will be cut in half and dropped in front of the tomb where the 50mm base is...and that will also get integrated into the basing of the warjack that will be occupying that space.

I also toyed with the idea of rotating the mausoleum 90 degrees and facing the archway. but it pushes the building way to close to the stairway.

So the overall scope of the project is turning out pretty damn good for my first attempt in my own not so humble pat myself on the back opinion.  I've currently got a ton of water bottles and random foam blox stacked on top of things now as I glue it all together and I'm still toying with the idea of putting the mausoleum on it's own solid base so I could actually use it for a piece of terrain as well, but that may be more than I want to do as it would require cutting a damn perfect rectangle in the top right corner of this thing.  

So the last couple of things to do before I start the texturing process are the broken wall in the lower left, finishing the two pieces chronicled here and the hole drilling for the bases, then a layer of foam tuff and and the paint can be laid....I think.

If something is glaringly missing or you'd like to leave some feedback or comments, I do welcome them as this is my first terrain/display base project I'd like to know what you all think about it and the direction its heading.

Until next time keep your paint thinned and your brushes clean!!!


  1. This is a brilliant start!!! Looking forward to some more updates. I am going to keep those pictures of mausoleum for my own projetcs as well. I like the creepy 4th picture. Thanks!

  2. looks like this is going to blow our socks off keep up the hard work