Sunday, November 14, 2010

More bad ass Goblins from Imbrian!

This time we're looking at a pair of Goblin Shaggamaw's - one complete and one WIP - these freekishly huge beasts are going to make a fantastic addition to the Goblin set that Jody has been hammering away at.  This first one has giant teeth, a bigazz axe and spittle looming from his giant maw.

These is the first one and is complete:

This next one is going to be swallowing either a goblin or a hobbit...the goblin idea was my suggestion and I'd love to see him go with it would just make them all the more characterful to me...but I'd settle for a hobbit.  :P

Now this wonderful little project is being chronicled on my personal favorite little hole in the web in the THREAD here.

Drop in and let sprue know what you think of his work.  Me personally, I'm super excited for this set to show up around holiday time!!!

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