Sunday, November 21, 2010

Big and bad azz!

So like most of my mini loving friends, I spend a stoopid amount of time ooooing and aaahhng over new things that pop up on the eleventy billion sites I visit all too often on a weekly basis, and that makes it tough to remember to do things like um...BLOG about it...holy crap am I bad at this blogging thing.  I don't have a problem writing, nor do I have any issues typing, in fact that last typing test I took I was blazing along at 66wpm with a whopping 2 why do I always forget to write about the sweet ass stuffs I come across on the ole interwebnation?

Who the hell knows.

Enough ramble onto the really kule things I fell onto earlier this week.  Ladies and gentlemen...well most likely just gentlemen...or prolly just men...boys?  Well anyhow, I would like to introduce you the the next BIG THING in miniature madness errrr gaming.


Weighing in at oh hell I don't know 200 36.8 ft tall (I just made these stats up, so if you expect real gaming data from me about this thing, you're sorely effin mistaken bud) you're looking at a whole hell of a lot fo walking friggin death!  This thing is gonna tear some ish up, and I'm not talking the stuff you dog drops in the back yard either, I'm talking some other monstrosities of metal!!!





I have noticed that half of these things have names of angels...I wonder if that's intentional or if random names were pulled out of a hat???  

Now for a quick scale shot so you can understand a little more about the scale of these things - as they are looking to take on the Legio Titanicus (if I have to explain that then you're reading the wrong blog) in scope of size...i mean these things are going to be epic in size...literally!

Leviathan Mortis and a 32mm model from MERC.

The Crusader with same 32mm fig.

So what's the deal then?  Well these bad boys are the brainchild masterworks of digital artist Mark Mondragon of Sonoma, CA...he's a Sagittarius and owner/operator of DreamForge Games concept artist and designer publisher of Iron-Core.  That's badazz...don't know much about it, but it's just got a ring to it.  Yup badazz...and if anyone knows badazz it's me.

So with the game system still in its infancy, I cannot give you too much in the way of details, in fact if you hit the links about, you'll know exactly the same amount of info that I do...but I will say this, it looks to be one helluva ambitious project, it's got 9 freeking factions listed!  And if each one of them gets one of these hurkin monstrosities, well lets just say the target for execution on what Mark is trying to get done here is HUUUUGE!  If you read his blog you can also see some pretty damn solid WIP shots of the models and masters.  He's also got some great shots of tanks and bugs and a number of other things that he's worked up for some other companies.  Take some time to take a look, I was pretty damn impressed and found a few things I never knew existed.

All in all I'm excited to see what else Mark is going to bring to the table with Iron-Core.  Good luck Mark!!!  and if you need to start in on playtesting, let me know as I've been known to put ace teams together for a few other companies in the industry.  :P


  1. Hey Derek, Thanks for the great write up! I may be biased but I agree, you know Badazz...

    Careful what you wish for, I may just have to take you up on play testing ;)

    All the best,

  2. Thanks for dropping by Mark - have years of published PT experience - happy to help if you need it.