Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dark Age Games - March to Immortality

Hmmm...March to Immortality, sounds pretty serious but what the hell is it???!

Well it's a pretty damn solid contest put on for the Dark Age universe.

From the Dark Age March to Immortality page:
Each year, Dark Age players gather at Gen Con Indy to participate in the annual Immortal tournament, where the winner gets to work with the design team to create a special character for the Dark Age universe. How cool is that? 
The March to Immortality is the premiere tournament circuit designed for stores and gaming clubs to host qualifiers that feed into the Immortal tournament at Gen Con Indy. Special prize support will be provided for participants. Providing that you meet the requirements, the winner will be provided with round trip airfare to Gen Con Indy to play in the Immortal Tournament. If you are a store/club that wants to run one or more of these awesome events, read the document and let us know!
The next immortal winner might just be your store champion!
Sounds pretty damn kule huh?  Immortalized as a mini for a game? So who was last years winner? Marc Berlove!

And the concept work for his figure!!!

We are proud to introduce Phadras and Maximo! Marc wanted to include his son as part of his Immortal Prize, a few ideas were thrown around and he setteled for Phadras & Maximo. Phadras is an ex-Brute Pusher that got tired of the bickering in his tribe, so he decided to make out on his own. Little did he know at the time one of the Scuts that always looked up to him and regarded Phadras as the father he never knew, had followed him. Eventually Phadras came to accept his "little shadow" as he called Maximo, now the two are inseperable. This Bounty Hunter Matched Set will be available for hire Gen Con 2012.

Not only does Marc get immortalized but his son as well!  How would you like that???? HUH??? I AXED YOU A QUESTION SON!

So what do you have to do you ask?  Find a store to host an event, win a 24 person X'Treme Tournament with an approved Judge at hand and CMoN will even pick up the flight to GenCon!!!  This pdf details it out really nice like:

Event Brief

You can find more info and the previous winners here:

March to Immortality

For the events in December and January check the link below:

Dark Age Games - March to Immortality Events in December & January !:

So do you want a chance at IMMORTALITY in the gaminverse???!!!  Thought so...get your local store to set up an event, start a league and get to hammering out some games of Dark Age!!!

Til next time, keep your paints thinned and your brushes clean!!!

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  1. Hey there, I wanted to let you know that Gigabites Cafe based in marietta, GA will be having a Dark Age tournament on January 14th (saturday @ noon).

    The details are as follows:


    Winner gets a FREE airfare ticket to go to Gencon and automagically is allowed to play at the Immortals Event

    The point value will be 750 points.

    Please note that the tournament will be primarly composed of brand new players, but all are welcome. Please indicate real name and Faction (dont need to say subfaction if you dont want to) on the following thread:

    If you have any interest in the upcoming slow grow league for Dark age, please post here:

    If you have any questions please PM me (rarenomad) or Sergeant Horse, thanks for reading!