Friday, October 8, 2010

Imbrian Arts - Goblin Shrikes

So over on we're blessed to have a few outstanding mini artists, painters and sculptors who share what they're working on,

One of those little projects happens to be something that I'm really keen on, super excited to see complete and well I pretty much can't wait to get them in my hands...and the funny thing is, they're GOBLINS!

Being a huuuuge fan of the almighty fantasy dwarf, one would expect that I have a nature dislike for all things goblin right?  For the most part, it's true, I dislike the little greenskins and their larger cousins the orcs.  I will say however that I do like the GW knoblars that go with the OK, and there are a number of really characterful pieces from the old Confrontation line that I truly enjoy, but I must say these little guys certainly are certainly worth a bird in the hand, hell even two in the bush!

Now if you're unfamiliar with a little studio by the name of Imbrian Arts...well you better take notice - - we're already seeing some fantastic figs come out of this studio and this set of Goblin Shrikes,  will be one that takes the Goblin community by storm!!!

First a little about Imbrian -
My name is Jody and I'm a painter, sculptor and an avid war gamer. I've been painting miniatures and playing war games for about 15 years now. Up until recently, I had confined my activities to merely painting miniatures and collecting every war game I could get my hands on. After moving to Australia I found the price of miniatures heart wrenchingly expensive so I started scheming and dreaming up new ideas for war games, thinking that one day, I'll be able to make miniatures for others that even I can afford.
Imbrian Arts is my way of sharing my love of art and wargaming with Australia and the rest of the world. My goal is to create unique sculptures that have a character and a personality of their own. As a miniature, they're not just about pieces for wargaming but they have a story to tell.
Now on to this little project he's got going.

Jody has been unveiling these little guys in a great thread over on dragon with some WIP's and final shots. Again the set is compromised of what he calls Goblin Shrikes which Jody claims is about 25% done (that means at least 12 figs since he's got 3 done) and I believe he's going to add a Troll to the set as well through what he's been adding to the thread.  As you'll see all the goblins have birdlike details.

These images are all used without permission, so for more details and a complete set of pics I invite you to drop in to the dragonpainting site and take a look here:

Goblin Shrikes by Imbrian Arts

I never thought I could get amped up about a goblin range, but low and behold, Jody has pulled something extremely unique and fun out of the Aether and is making a go at it.

Once again drop by the Imbrian Arts website and show Jody some support by picking up his models.

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