Friday, October 22, 2010

CASTING CALL!!!! Looking for Red Shirts!!!

One of the few projects sitting on my desk in front of me are the wonderfully put together set of Kobold lackies...errr Warriors and Iron Scales from Soda Pop Miniatures for the upcoming Super Dungeon Explore!

Keep a watch on the Soda Pop Facebook page for upcoming news and a demo set of rules for SDE!!!

To prepare for the inevitable release, I've started work on the minion brigade, the recycle crew, those who live to die....the REEEEEED SHIIIIRT CREW!!!!

I've got 3 Warriors and 3 Ironscales all scrubbed up and ready for assembly and filing.  As you can see, I have assembled an Ironscale and have him primed and ready for only issue is, I can't decide on what color scheme I'm gonna roll with for my about frustrating!

After the Red Shirts I gots to get the Shaman, the Slinger and the Skirmishers done!!!  So time to pick some colors!!!

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