Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome and First Post


Hello there everyone and welcome to the Throne of Angels blog!  My name is Derek Osborne and in the last couple of years my focus in the hobby of miniature gaming has changed from gamer/hobbyist to hobbyist/gamer and the creation of this blog is my own personal jaunt into making steps to become a better painter and modeler.

So a quick bit about me, I've been involved in the miniature gaming hobby since I was 13, when I bought the Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader Hardcover rule book the month it was released here in the US (those in the know should be able to figure out how old I am).  :D  I painted my first figure, a space marine with crazy hair with Testors enamel model paints as I was at that time into building model car and plane kits.  Since that time, I've painted hundreds if not thousands of models, won a few awards here and there and have taught the various class from time to time.

My biggest personal accomplishment to date was being blessed by The Grandfather of Miniature painting Mike McVey with a 'joint' project.  I was blessed (or cursed) with Mike picking up a partially converted warjack (see Privateer Press for more info) that I was converting and painting for a friend and him spending a few hours painting about half of it to completion.  Mike and his lovely wife Ali would come down to one of the local game stores once a year for a fairly good sized Privateer Press promo type party/game day and this time down as Mike was looking at some of my stuff decided he wanted to paint for the day.  When it came time to leave, he handed me a half completed warjack and said...'ok you can do the rest'.  The project came out very well and the recipient had a tough time telling which parts were done by me and which were done by Mike.  Granted he only put in a few hours and I put in easily 4 times what he did...I was still able to match what he did fairly well.  Oh the pride.  :D

So the overall aim of this blog is to share my own personal progress as I attempt to become a better painter, modeler and artist, possibly reviewing new or new to me products and sharing things about the hobby that I find interesting, amazing, stupid, funny, outrageous or just downright silly (cause there are some really silly things in the land of metal toys).

Hopefully those of you who visit will find something interesting and or entertaining here as I do my best to keep this thing updated!

Till next time, keep your paint thin and your brushed clean!


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