Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hey today, I'm excited to post up my finished Dwarf Hero for Super Dungeon Explore - I'm currently working on getting a set painted up for Demo purposes, so please bear in mind that this is not competition quality but not table top either.  He has been layered with multiple coats of sealant to help preserve him from the abuse of the almighty demo table.

With this piece I wanted to experiment a bit with a major color that doesn't normally reside in my standard color palette, but I still wanted him to feel like a dwarf, and fit in with the other characters, so I kept to a metallic look with a lighter blue to give him a bit of a regal feel while still retaining that dwarven ruggedness.

This little guy was great fun to paint and I am really excited to see what the community at large and fan base does once these guys hit the shelves!  

I must apologize for the poor photos as I'm still learning that trick. :D

And to close this post out a little something special for the fans of SDE from Soda Pop Creative Director John Cadice.

This is a Demo Card only.  Does not represent finished game product from Soda Pop miniatures, but is an element of a game in production.

Keep your paint thinned and your brushes clean!



  1. You are one sneaky mother :-)

    Love how simple and clean the card is. I am linking to your blog right away!

    GO SDE!!!


  2. Well how else does one grow his blog??? :P

  3. Well I am about to try something else next week to grow mine (more to come on this my friend :-))

    Your blog is now in my favorites so hopefully you can get some traffic from that as well.


  4. ;) appreciated sir - next up will be my tour of Cipher Games - and more SDE stuff to follow as I get it painted. :D

  5. He's Chibi 32mm - roughly the size of a Confrontation Orc Jackle Warrior